Nintendo Reveals Ticket System To Play 'Super Smash Bros.' (Switch) During E3

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Remember, register or you won't get to play Super Smash Bros.

According to Nintendo, here are no plans for a virtual console on Switch but that doesn't mean it won't be able to run older titles as Switch Online service will bring classic NES games to Nintendo Switch.

Those attendees confirmed for E3 by May 31 will receive an email around June 5 asking to make an appointment for Smash.

Capcom has just announced a Nintendo Switch worldwide release for their game Okami HD, a game where the player controls protagonist Ōkami Amaterasu, a sun goddess in the form of a white wolf who must save the land from a awful curse. Whether you've played the game before, are somewhat familiar with Japanese myths, or diving in head-first, the breathtaking artistic expression is guaranteed to satisfy. It's very important to register because Nintendo will not be allowing on-site registration.

Your ticket will come as a QR code that you can either access on your phone or by printing it out.

Nintendo is doing things a little differently this year with E3, as it's introducing a few new policies and other events aimed at keeping things more organized and exciting for fans.

Nintendo added that it's not taking reservations for other games at its booth; for those games, you can just show up and wait in line.

"We're always looking to improve the ways people can maximize the fun they have with Nintendo at E3", said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Nintendo took this appointment route with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild back in 2016, in which attendees could see the rebuilt world of Hyrule anytime they wanted. No other game at the booth will be subject to this system.

You can work out the ticketing details from there once you're signed up, but it's imperative to do so if you want a look at the new Smash for Nintendo Switch at all.

Attendees who bring their Switch systems to the show and are spotted playing them may be selected by roaming members of the Nintendo team to receive an exclusive, collectible Switch pin (while supplies last).

So there you go.

Are you planning to register to play Super Smash Bros. for Switch at E3 2018?