Meghan Markle's half-sister rushed to hospital after auto crash

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Meghan Markle's sister was hospitalized after an encounter with a paparazzi.

According to the USA website, the incident happened in Florida.

Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha Grant, was taken to hospital Wednesday night after a vehicle crash following a confrontation with paparazzi, according to her boyfriend.

He claims that Samantha, who has MS, hit the windshield and fell to the floor. As The Sun notes, Samantha has not received an invitation to the royal wedding on Saturday.

"She's way out of her league to tell me I can't speak", she told TMZ.

"I am in a wheelchair. But Meg doesn't have a relationship that I've seen with anyone in the family".

"Nonetheless we wish her well, it is what it is".

Now it seems another member of the Markle family has been hospitalised.

Meghan's father may be in Windsor wearing a morning suit on Saturday or he may be in an operating theatre having heart surgery- who knows
Meghan Markle's half-sister rushed to hospital after auto crash

Markle's father already announced that he will not be attending the royal wedding following his controversial staged photos.

"It was done with the good intention to make the royal family look good, and himself", she said.

"There's no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you", Morgan said, alluding to Samantha's involvement in the paparazzi scandal surrounding her father.

Referencing the media interviews the siblings have given and Grant's tell-all about Meghan, she added, "The sister and the brother are making stuff up..." Even though he changed his mind about wanting to walk his daughter down the aisle, because he would like to "be a part of history", doctors scheduled him to get surgery on his heart to clear a blockage and place a stent.

He underwent the procedure yesterday and is said to be recovering well.

"There have been examples in history about how risky that can be", she said, in a barely veiled reference to the death of Prince Harry's mother Diana.

Doria arrived in the United Kingdom from LA yesterday.

Prince Harry and Markle are tying the knot on Saturday at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.