Lahore's Orange Line Metro Train conducts trial run

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The trip is scheduled from Dera Gujran to Lakshmi Chowk, a stretch spanning 12-km long portion of the route.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday inaugurated the first test-run of Lahore's much-awaited Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT). The chief minister aboard the metro train from the Islam Park station and participated in the test run that successfully concluded at Laxmi Chowk. Originally the completion of this project required 27 months but now it is expected to be completed by October 2019.

In May 2014, Punjab government had signed a project with Chairman of the Chinese National Development Reforms Commission regarding construction of an Orange Line Train in Lahore so that the metropolis will depict a melange of the traditional and the modern.

On the occasion, Shehbaz expressed his excitement and joy, saying "there is a particular class that has consistently been opposing the public welfare projects like OLMT since the day one".

"I am disappointed in PTI who tried to sabotage Orange Line project by getting a stay order against it and delaying the project for 22 months".

He said that the nation would take revenge from the PTI for the delay it had caused to the train project.

Out of the total line, a 25.4-km section is to be elevated, while a 1.72-km section will be underground, and 0.7 km of the track will be laid in the transition zone between elevated and underground sections.

The participants of the gathering were apprised that the train would pass through the congested areas of the city, facilitaing more than 250,000 people on a daily basis and within the next few years, the train would facilitate 500,000 passengers every day. However, the Punjab government deserves a huge round of applause to have managed to complete this project in time despite the time loss.

"Once completed, you and I will travel in this Orange Train". Although there are 60 seats per bogie, each can accommodate up to 200 people.