Google Wifi's Network Check feature just got a lot better

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To access this change, you'll head into the Network Check menu inside of the Google WiFi app. The latest allows users to test individual device performance to find and fix connectivity dead zones in your home.

Google WiFi is getting a new feature.

Network Check: Test the speed to any wireless device on your network.

The above option is great if you need to troubleshoot a single device.

The official Google Wifi app has been finally updated to support the not-so-new iPhone X. But besides that, you can now run a quick speed test to every device on your network.

Google expects it to be available to all users in the coming weeks. Once the test is done, the popup lists the connection speed of your chosen device to the now connected AP.

In a post Google explains, 'Knowing Wi-Fi coverage is poor in an area of your home can help you pinpoint the exact bottleneck when you notice a connectivity slowdown. This will allow you to do two things - either move a device that has slow WiFi speeds closer to an access point or router, or you can move the access point closer to the device, whichever is more convenient. But what about that new smart TV in the bedroom that's constantly buffering?

Google Wifi for Android and iOS already features a number of tools to measure network quality.