Equality Alabama finds Ivey outing tweet, response 'problematic'

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Alabama's 2nd female Governor, Ivey served as Alabama State Treasurer from 2003 to 2011, and later Lt. Governor until she succeeded Governor Robert Bentley following his resignation in April 2017.

Rep. Todd, herself an out lesbian, took to Facebook and Twitter yesterday calling for someone to "out" the Republican governor. It's a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid left wing liberal political operative.

Ivey also disputed the suggestion she supported Free2Be.

Todd, who is openly gay, posted messages to Facebook and Twitter, saying that she was "sick of closeted elected officials".

"The grant awarded to Free2Be is overseen by ADECA using funds given by and regulated by the federal government from criminal fines and forfeitures, not taxpayer dollars".

Todd wrote: "Will someone out her for God's sake...."

"It's an identity issue", she said.

Ivey, 73, is single, twice divorced, and has no children, according to AL.com. She has no children.

Ivey also voted for alleged pedophile Roy Moore in the Alabama State Supreme Court battle. "Kicking us around to score points, and I think people in Alabama are sick and exhausted of these kinds of politics, old style of politics".

Former legislator Patricia Todd's tweet went out at 7:33 p.m. Tuesday and quickly spread across the state.

"I am really disappointed in that level of attack", said Public Service Commission candidate Robin Litaker.

"Most all of them say the right things and wanna say what the people want to hear but then if that the case then we got to start all over in many cases and get rid of them and get good people", said Adams.

"If people feel that way, that is extremely sad", Todd added. Despite some Alabamians sharing their disgust that Ivey failed to condemn Moore's sexual misconduct and rampant anti-LGBTQ views, her current approval rating is the third-highest in the country for sitting governors. Ivey's opponent, Evangelist Scott Dawson, attacked her this week alleging she "betrayed Alabama values" for allowing LGBT groups to receive ADECA funding totaling over $800,000.