Donald Glover Will Get His Own Movie For 'Lando Calrissian'

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It was earlier thought that Lucasfilm's president Kathleen Kennedy had revealed that the next Star Wars spin-off would be entirely dedicated to telling the story of Lando.

"We would love to tell a story about Lando Calrissian one day, but it's not relevant, it would be fun to tell the story of Han and Chewie ..." With Solo: A Star Wars Story on the cusp of release and Episode IX looming on the horizon, where does Disney take their billion dollar property from here?

"George [Lucas] and [Kathleen Kennedy] had decided that, as the company went on without George, and Kathy would run it, that part of what they were going to do was continue the Star Wars movies, and they had an idea for a bunch of 'em", Lawrence said. Even Premiere and ComicBook both note the long-gestating chatter around an Obi-Wan film. Lucasfilm has clearly been long aware of his appeal, as the video of Glover giving a tour of Lando's Millennium Falcon (cape room included) was created to give fans exactly what they want.

While that's not up there with the likes of Rogue One and the last two main saga entries, it's still better than many expected following the high-profile exits of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

From the first look at Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, a lot of fans got the feeling he would be ideal in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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So what sort of schedule can we expect if Lando is suddenly next in the pipeline?

Donald Glover only just arrived at a galaxy far, far away - but he's already landed his own Star Wars spin-off movie.

"I told my agent, I was like, if they're making a Han Solo movie, Lando's got to be in it and I want to be Lando", Donald told late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

But if Glover did get his own Star Wars movie, would anyone be surprised?