Cavs Player Called Danny Ainge 'A [Expletive] Thief' This Season

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Although Irving has not played this postseason after he underwent knee surgery over a month ago, the Cavs have virtually nothing left to show for dealing him.

In the midst of the Eastern Conference Finals, a reported quote from a Cavaliers player sums up the lingering thought about the Kyrie Irving trade to the Celtics last summer.

"As transcendent as LeBron is, Batman has had an extraordinary pair of Robins in his most satisfying seasons", Finn wrote, "The Cavaliers have no one like this now".

"The toxicity level was so high at one point during this season in Hiroshima that one Cavs player turned and looked at me after one of many particularly ugly winter losses".

"Danny Ainge is a (expletive) thief", he said.

Crowder was not the roleplayer whose antagonist demeanor and pesky defense gave Cleveland the boost it did in Boston. What the Cavs ultimately ended up with in exchange for Irving is Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, Larry Nance, Ante Zizic and a No. 8 pick.

And before tipoff that night, the National Basketball Association lottery determined that the top draft pick Boston conveyed to Cleveland as part of the trade (originally belonging to Brooklyn) will be a disappointing eighth. Cleveland is down 0-2 in its series with Boston (and Irving isn't even playing!).