Alleged Render Shows Off Apple's Rumored 18W iPhone Charger

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For those unfamiliar with the previous rumor, it basically said that Apple would bundle 18W USB-C fast chargers with the 2018 iPhones.

Both the iPhone 8 and X support fast charging, but the chargers they now come packed with aren't able to take advantage of this capability. Now appeared the first image of the original fast charging for iPhone, which will be equipped with subsequent modifications. That's because instead of just going with USB-C, Apple has supposedly designed a USB-C to Lightning cable that, paired with a new USB-C iPhone charger, will significantly increase the iPhone's wired charging speeds.

That charger has supposedly leaked well ahead of its time, and although the source of the leak is relatively obscure, using a proprietary USB-C to Lightning cable instead of just going all-in on USB-C is such an Apple move that it could totally be real. It is also heartening that Apple is adopting the universal USB Type-C for its smartphone line. The availability of the USB Type-C input will enable fast charging - as fast as 50 percent of charge in about 30 minutes - and will be complemented with a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. The inclusion of fast charger has been standard practice for Android manufacturers since the adoption of fast charging. Also, the European plug on the renders suggests that apart from offering the new experience in the US, Apple is designing its fast charging accessories for global markets, including the United Kingdom and India.