Will Xi Jinping Join the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore?

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Also, note that the focus on ICBMs would mean that the USA safeguards its own population at the cost of accepting a North Korea nuclear capacity which covers all of South Korea and Japan.

Officials at the North Korean Embassy in Singapore have been tight-lipped since the Southeast Asian city state was chosen as the venue for historic talks between their leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump last week.

Pompeo said that helping North Korea develop a more reliable non-nuclear electric grid and provide a better standard of living for its people will be part of the deal President Trump hopes to strike with Kim.

A source said that given the possible nature and goal of the visit, it is likely that Kim Yong-chol, a vice chairman of the central committee of the WPK and head of the North's United Front Department handling inter-Korean relations, could be in the delegation.

While questions remain over whether U.S. firms would want to pour money into North Korea given the many uncertainties, South Korean companies are far more eager to begin investment should sanctions be relaxed. But fundamentally it would mean accepting North Korea as a nuclear power.

Seoul has also proposed holding a high-level dialogue with North Korea this week.

Kennedy said USA and South Korean diplomacy might be pushing Kim Jong Un to reduce his country's isolation. One fact that aligns USA interests with South Korea's is that we station over 20,000 USA military personnel and a substantial number of their dependents in the part of the country that would be the scene of intense fighting in a conflict with North Korea.

Additionally, a date and location have now been set for Trump and Kim to meet to discuss matters further.

The Seoul-based expert added North Korea would have preferred other countries such as China, Russia, and Mongolia, but the USA would have minded their positions as global rivals or as an unfamiliar third party.

Of course, maybe Trump will surprise us and has something dramatically different in the works.

Trump will welcome United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to the White House on May 18, 2018.

The two other Chinese traders confirmed that price range.

John Bolton, Trump's national security advisor, also said in an interview with CNN's "State of the Union" that the DPRK should not "look for economic aid from us".

Singapore appears to be a safe pick for the summit. "If the nuclear threat is successfully neutralized, the rest of the world should back away and let South Korea take the lead in developing and expanding diplomacy, commerce and maybe even unification of the Korean peninsula". "But I also don't think that Un [Kim] is smart enough for a long con". It was a deal predicated with secret side deals not disclosed to the American public, a deal which allowed the nuclear ambitions of Iran to grow, and a deal which allowed for continued aggressive actions like the detaining of five new Americans in Iran since the deal's signing.

A TDP online poll asked readers: "How confident are you that President Trump will be able to get Kim Jong Un to agree to total nuclear disarmament during their upcoming summit?"