Sony Confirms They Are Ending Production Of Physical PS Vita Games

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Creator Eric Barone announced the news via the PlayStation Blog, stating the game will go portable once more on May 22.

If the death knell of the PS Vita hadn't been sounded loud enough before, Sony just told the friar to climb the bell tower and ring it out once more. The game released to generally favorable reviews, holding an 89 Metascore on Metacritic.

The actual release will be bundled in the form of a Cross-Buy title and, once you buy the game once, you'll be able to enjoy it on both PS4 and PS Vita as well.

This version of the game will support cross-play, allowing those who own a PS4 version to play and pick up the game on PS Vita. A series of missteps with the handheld console made it largely inaccessible and expensive, even if it was ahead of its time (a look back on the Vita is grounds for a whole article of its own).

In an e-mail to Kotaku, the company announced that developers must submit all Vita product code requests by June 28, along with final purchase orders by February 15, 2019. Unfortunately, PS Vita players will have to miss out on the upcoming multiplayer beta, as it won't be coming to the handheld.

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