Pope condemns Gaza killings

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Pope Francis said Wednesday he was "very worried" by escalating violence in the Middle East after deadly clashes on the Gaza border were said to have left 60 Palestinians dead.

POPE FRANCIS " I am very anxious and hurt by the escalation of tensions in the Holy Land and the Middle East and for the spiral of violence that is increasingly moving away from the path of peace, dialogue and negotiations. Israel claims that Hamas is spurring the violence and using it for cover for attacks. "War calls for war, violence calls for violence". On Monday, at least 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces.

Pope Francis Wednesday invited "all the parties involved and the global community to renew their commitment so that dialogue, justice and peace prevail".

In December 2017, when US President, Donald Trump, announced the decision to move the embassy, Francis called for Jerusalem's "status quo" to be respected, saying new tension in the Middle East would further inflame world conflicts.

Before his closing appeal, Francis had greeted a group of Polish Veterans of War World II, who'd come together to mark the anniversary of the battle of Monte Cassino, which opened the Allied path to Rome.

'He told me that life is so hard and everyone is desperate with shortages of water and other basic necessities. This is a people who are both extremely vulnerable and deprived.

The deadly protests coincide with the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the anniversary of the "Nakba", or Catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes at the time of Israel's creation.

He said: "When I read this, I think about myself, because I'm a bishop and I'll have to take my leave". Thus it grieves us greatly that violence has erupted on such a scale and that viciousness has been explored on what seems like a border marking mutual incomprehension.

In the header of the message, Reuters said that Francis condemned (condemns) the killing in Gaza. The Anglican Church is committed to serve the people of Gaza through the extraordinary work of the hospitals I was able to visit there previous year'. At the end of the Audience he sent out this cry for peace in the Holy Land.