Malaysia PM To Extend Tenure, Probe Najib's Regime

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday he is confident that prosecutors will soon have a strong case to charge former prime minister Najib Razak over graft claims at state fund 1MDB.

To become prime minister, Mr Anwar must win a seat in parliament.

"We think that within a short while we will have a case against him, we will be able to charge him", he said via video conference to The Wall Street Journal CEO Council Meeting in Tokyo. Both police officers said investigators were not primarily interested in the luxury items but were chasing documents that could be vital for investigations into Najib's administration.Kuala Lumpur's police chief and an official police spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment.Najib said earlier on Saturday that he was going overseas for a week to rest, but just minutes later the Department of Immigration announced that he and his wife had been barred from leaving the country. Mahathir said he can't suspend Apandi until he is investigated. "We are slowly getting to the bottom of things".

A deluxe Kuala Lumpur apartment block raided by the police, relatives of ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak had been staying there. If there is no case, we do not go for detention without trial.

The group chief executive officer of Malaysia-based low-priced airline AirAsia has apologised for going out of his way to back ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak and his party, Barisan Nasional (BN) in the run-up to the May 9 elections in Malaysia.

"In the initial stages, maybe lasting one or two years, I will have to be the PM and I will have to run the country", he said.

"The reason why the public supported us is that they have faith in the leadership of the opposition to resolve some of the problems and this partly depends on the experience of the entities of the opposition. That includes me, of course".

Tony Fernandes, who is also the chairman of English football club Queens Park Rangers, had appeared in a video on YouTube on May 6, to credit the Malaysian government for AirAsia's success, adding "I believe the Prime Minister put the people first and allowed AirAsia to grow despite opposition from all over the place".

His first sodomy conviction was overturned in 2004, but his corruption conviction stood and he is in jail on a subsequent sodomy conviction and would require the royal pardon to bypass a five-year ban for him to re-enter politics.

"Whether he will immediately join the cabinet or not will be decided when the time comes", Mahathir said.

Cracks have already emerged, with officials from Anwar's party alleging that Mahathir bulldozed the announcement of three top Cabinet posts.

Dr Mahathir also repeated his concerns over Chinese projects in Malaysia.

When asked whether China-Malaysia relations would be affected by the change in government, Geng said: "China and Malaysia are friendly neighbours, and China values its friendly relations with Malaysia". "But we do not consider coming into Malaysia, buying up huge chunks of land and developing counties and even cities and bringing in foreigners to live in this country as FDI".