Alfie Evans Funeral: Hundreds Of Mourners Line The Streets Of Liverpool

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A private funeral for toddler Alfie Evans will be held later.

His case drew global attention when it became the centre of a High Court legal battle over his care.

Tearful mourners applauded as a hearse carrying 23-month-old toddler passed his father's favourite football club.

Alfie, who had a degenerative neurological condition, died last month after doctors at Alder Hey Children's Hospital withdrew life-support treatment.

Alfie's family requested that his funeral remained a private family affair.

Ch Insp Chris Gibson, from Merseyside Police, said Alfie's parents Tom and Kate "continue to thank the community".

Alfie had suffered from an undiagnosed brain condition.

His parents had fought a bitter battle with the hospital treating him, and the High Court, to allow them to take him overseas for further medical treatment.

In February, a High Court judge ruled that doctors could stop providing life support for Alfie, against his parents' wishes, saying the child required "peace, quiet and privacy". Alfie's condition left him with nearly no brain function, and multiple courts ruled that keeping him alive was not in his best interests before doctors removed his ventilator five days previously.

A key argument presented by Evans, 21, and James, 20, "was that they should decide what is best for their son", adds the broadcaster. Kate James and Tom Evans said their son's death on Saturday, April 28 in Liverpool had left them "heartbroken". His parents fought in court to take him to the Vatican children's hospital and gained support from the pope. We are heart broken.