The Miramar desert map comes to PUBG Mobile today

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Hopefully, the Xbox One version of PUBG sees an update such as this sometime soon, but that might be less probable, given the recent hints that Xbox One sales are not what they seem or have seemed to be.

This latest patch kicks off PUBG Mobile's second season of content, presumably ushering in new cosmetic items and a stat reset. This map not only offers new areas to explore, but new weapons and vehicles, too.

With the omnipresent rise of Fortnite, giving such a hardy update to PUBG Mobile is as much a move of developer care as it is of necessity.

Today's update for PUBG Mobile adds the Miramar desert map. That's not all players have to look forward to in update 0.50 as it is a major patch with many improvements and additions. Developed by Chinese mega-house Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile has been successful since the day it launched, and this is seemingly due to the genuine care that goes into it. All things considered, it sounds like the latest update for PUBG Mobile should nudge it closer to the PC version of the game in terms of content and quality. Starting in season 2, progress missions let players complete various challenges to earn rewards, reach new levels, and more. You can choose from "More than 50′, '25-50", or fewer than 25 for the most hectic streams.

The game's sounds are also optimised, with climbing, parachuting, and various other effects all improved. If that's you, check out the new PUBG Mobile shop right now.

PUBG Mobile is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.