School district looks to cut spending by $3.5 Million in 2019-20

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In the preliminary budget's general fund, there is $711,409 available for any appropriation desired by the trustees, Sarvey said. State financial aid of $17.04 million is the budget's biggest source of revenue.

The Madison Metropolitan School District is considering changing their lunchtime minimal requirement from 15 to 20 minutes.

Tomorrow, the Oakland City Council will vote on whether or not to sell city-owned land in the Fruitvale neighborhood to a charter school for its new campus. In our stories previewing today's elections, many candidates said they attended their hometown schools and enrolled their children there, too.

Lilley is still employed by the district, but hasn't actually worked there this entire school year.

Spending plans for 669 districts across the state are up to vote and have to comply with the rules for the state's cap on property taxes for the eighth consecutive year.

Q: The millage rate dedicated to schools makes up a majority of Paulding County's property tax bill.

Downey then discussed NEW construction proposals that totaled $34.5 million.

They'll hold a public hearing on the budget at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 11, and will vote on the budget Monday, June 25.

The district has to go to a contingency budget if voters reject a proposed budget a second time.

"We try to work together but we have disagreements, too, and this clearly could be used as a political tool to block the efforts of one board member, or two board members, or three board members", Mertz said. "We have appreciated the support and interest from the community and look forward to announcing the next leader for our school district very soon".

According to the most recent budget proposal, introduced last week, Muskegon Schools is considering getting rid of four high school teachers, two middle school teachers, some administrative staff, three youth safety advocates and tutors that are not required by law.

Several board members had expressed serious concerns going into Monday's meeting about the proposed policy's impact on how they do their jobs and the public's access to information about the school district.

The additional funds were initially for three additional school-resource officers.

Voters will also be asked to reelect Susan Schaefer, who is seeking her first full three-year term after being appointed on January 9 to replace Tommy John Schiavoni when he left his seat in December 2017 after being elected to the Southampton Town Board.

Oil City School Board members on Monday reviewed the district's tentative 2018-2019 budget. The candidates include incumbents Amy Mayo and Brian Judycki and challenger John Stewart. Voting on a school budget is less urgent for many people now that the state has instituted a tax cap.