Monday Apple Rumors: Bright Colors May Return to iPhone Line in 2018

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However, even if this design is true, Mac Otakara citing a Chinese accessory maker said that Apple will only be able to unveil this alleged iPhone SE 2 in Q3 this year.

Last week, Chinese iPhone case maker Olixar shared some 'iPhone SE 2' renders depicting an iPhone X-esque design with an edge to edge display, but with an aluminum, flat-edged frame like the current generation iPhone SE and iPhone 5s.

The 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus will have similar specifications as the current design but an OLED display and 4GB of RAM, he predicts.

However, Apple tried the same strategy with the iPhone 5c, coming up with color variants to attract users, and it wasn't successful. Plus adding more fuel of a possible notch design on the front fascia are the images showcasing a screen protector/tempered glass for a smaller iPhone.

While there are no solid information regarding the iPhone SE 2.

Sources told Mac Otakara that Apple hasn't asked its manufacturing partners to start producing the iPhone SE 2 yet. Because the iPhone 8 doesn't have it.

Chances of the iPhone SE 2 having a glass back and wireless charging are high. And should have at least the A11 Bionic process if not the A12. While the home button cutout was missing at the bottom end, there was a cutout at the top for large notch, similar to the one visible on the iPhone X, that hints at the possibile of omission of Touch ID and the addition of a TrueDepth camera with FaceID authentication.

Mac Otakara says Apple is also testing a 6-inch prototype. However, Apple also has to be careful not to cannibalize the sales of its more expensive device by releasing a $550-$700 phone that appeals to everyone. It states that the device is nowhere close to the mass production now.

In more recent rumors we have seen that Apple has decreed his hatred of wired headphones and supreme worship of AirPods, the company's wireless headphones. There have also been rumors that the upcoming model could ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple comprises 1.0% of Waldron LP's holdings, making the stock its 14th biggest holding. We can expect the handset to run iOS 12 out of the box if it is released in September. A few weeks ago we had reported about the plausible spec sheet that this new iPhone model from Apple might sport. Mac Otakara's sources might be talking about the LCD iPhone, which would hit the store shelves in September, rather than the iPhone SE 2.

As per a report by StreetInsider, a Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang said that in order to target the young customers the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to launch multiple colour options for the iPhone with LCD display (likely to be called iPhone 8S).

Zhang estimates that Apple will produce 120 million iPhone units in the second half of this year.