Salmonella outbreak sickens dozens after massive egg recall

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35 people have now been diagnosed with salmonella linked to the contaminated food after more than 200 million eggs were recalled by an egg farm in North Carolina.

In fact, the CDC reported that eight people in Virginia had been sickened as of May 9.

According to a May 10 update, CDC officials say the growing outbreak has sent 11 of the 35 people to the hospital.

According to the FDA, these eggs were sold and repackaged under multiple brand names including Great Value, Coburn Farms, Publix, Glenview and Food Lion among others. That is up from the five cases reported as of April 13.

The eggs, while produced in North Carolina, are owned by Rose Farms, an in based company. Eleven people were hospitalized and there were no fatalities.

The eggs were sold in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Out of the 25 sickened individuals who provided complete details, 22 people, or 88 percent, said that they fell ill after eating shell eggs. Eggs sold at Publix and branded as Sunups are marked with plant number P-1359D, pack date 048A or 049A and best-by dates of April 02 and April 03.

The CDC recommends throwing away recalled eggs, and washing drawers and shelves where those eggs were stored.

Eggs in the recall possess the plant number P-1065 printed on the carton as well as a pack date between 011 and 102.

Salmonella causes serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially in young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Symptoms usually include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps which set in about 12 to 72 hours after infection, and last four to seven days. "Rose Acre Farms takes food safety and the welfare of our hens, workers, and consumers very seriously".