Trump's Role in Midterm Elections Roils Republicans

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Switch their registration, of course. The only important question will be how many seats Democrats can pick up. The timing of his retirement - which came after other candidates would have had the opportunity to place their names on the ballot - leaves the party with but one unknown candidate.

The most significant race is for Chatham County sheriff, which pits Sheriff Mike Roberson against Pittsboro Police Chief Percy Crutchfield. That is a slim margin given the historic propensity of voters to hand the party of a new president substantial losses in his first mid-term election.

Flynn was Trump's first national security adviser, but was sacked less than a month after Trump took office after disclosures that he had lied to the vice president about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

While it's the obvious choice to align with Trump in the primary, Johnson said the general election is a different matter.

The salary for the Chatham County sheriff is $106,727.

"While millions of Americans believe that Donald Trump can and should be impeached, I've yet to meet a single voter or candidate who believes that impeaching Donald Trump alone would fix the racial and economic injustice that underlies the range of challenges our country faces", Sroka said.

According to the Times, McConnell said Trump was central to the 2018 campaign. "In part, people don't want to be up [at the State House]" said state GOP Chairman Brandon Bell.

"These are people who are objective". Among the latter, 57 switched to unaffiliated and six to Republican. There are no Republican races in Chatham County being contested on May 8.

It said that a growing share of voters between ages 18 and 34 years old said they were undecided, would support a third-party candidate or not vote at all. "This is their chance".

In New Hampshire, Eddie Edwards, one of two Republicans running for Congress in the 1st District, said he pitches millennials on ways the government should help college graduates pay off their student loans.

On MSNBC Monday, he explained why he's chose to make his first foray into electoral politics and why he is running so passionately against the Republican Party. "And from my perspective, I hope all members recognize we have to run hard", he said.

"Some citizens do wander in and out of party identification with the changing sentiment of the times", Stimson said. But in a surprise for the 100,111 pre-registration sign-ups, "No Party Preference" leads among all soon-to-be-voters with 43,148, followed by 38,363 for "Democratic", 10,082 for "Republican", 2,321 for "American Independent", and 2,314 for "Libertarian". "We know that only very unusual people care enough to go to the trouble of changing their official registration".

Only 28 percent of those polled expressed overt support for Republicans in the 2018 poll - about the same percentage as two years earlier.

Having a supermajority doesn't always translate into unity, though, as both Democrats and Republicans discovered in IL and Kansas. The Democrats now have a one-seat majority in the Senate, but the Republicans will retain control because rogue Democratic Sen.

That presents a potential problem for Democrats who have come to count on millennials as a core constituency - and will need all the loyalty they can get to achieve a net gain of 23 seats to capture control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November.

Anderson noted that Trump's job approval was markedly weaker than past presidents, including Democratic President Barack Obama shortly before Democrats lost 63 House seats in the tea party wave of 2010.