Ex-husband in Greitens case to be deposed Monday

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Meanwhile, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the woman who had the affair with Greitens must turn over her cell phone for a forensic investigation.

The panel specifically detailed testimony in its hearings and compared it with testimony given to the St. Louis prosecutor and said it did not find anything that causes the panel to change its statement supporting the woman's testimony. Monday's revelation came after Greiten's attorneys were able to question Watkins.

But the document released refutes Greitens' claims.

The report increased the already intense political pressure on the governor.

Greitens is accused of taking a partially-nude photo without the woman's permission in 2015, before he was elected.

On Friday, Judge Rex Burlison ordered that Attorney Al Watkins be deposed on the source of the 100-thousand-dollars delivered to his Clayton law office to cover his client's legal fees.

Rep. Jay Barnes, the chairman of a committee investigating Greitens, said the House will subpoena Faughn. It's also intended as a rebuttal to Greitens, who had said the video interview of the woman "undermined the narrative" of an earlier House report detailing the woman's allegations that Greitens had been physically aggressive toward her. "Greitens" claims about the content of the Circuit Attorney interview mischaracterize the actual testimony received and reviewed by this committee".

"This Committee's charge is to determine the truth", the report concluded.

The addendum notes that Governor Greitens posted a public statement to Facebook on Thursday, April 12. "He is innocent, and it has become obvious to nearly everyone watching this case that the allegations made against him are now collapsing under the weight of pay offs, lies, and perjury", said Maria Jeffrey, a Greitens spokeswoman.