Woman Slaps Pregnant Soldier, Her Son Yells Homophobic Slurs

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After viewing the video, police determined no wrongdoing by the service women and concluded that Tucker was the aggressor.

They apparently pushed one of the soldiers, who then informed her she was pregnant.

"I was surprised when my principal told me that I failed the exam and my student files were lost, but I wasn't told my score", she said, adding it was a major blow that later had tremendous effect on her character.

The witness who posted the video of the incident, LaKeycia Ward, said that the dispute began when Tucker and her son, Robbie, became enraged that two soldiers drove around their vehicle as Tucker and her family were attempting to park in a handicapped spot. She would not cook meals or do any household chore - she would not take the kids to school or help them do homework.

"First of all, look at me!" So I'm urging all women out there, before you grow a thick head, don't look at me on social media and imagine you will make it like me.

"Oh really? By her?"

Additional video shows her daughter Angie telling police she had "ten big black guys on her". No word on when she'll next appear in court.

Tucker was arrested for battery according to Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

The education bureau in Sanyuan released a statement on Saturday saying it had suspended the impostor from her duties and would investigate. "Such behavior flies in the face of our values and those individuals are no longer welcome in our restaurant".

'She spent days and nights on Facebook and WhatsApp'. Especially a pregnant one.

"Thank you for showing your hate". I served in the Marines and believe me you got off easy.