Spotify's mysterious event will be about its mobile app

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With the departure of Chery, Apple Music appears to be continuously shuffling its team.

Carl Chery, the Hip-Hop programming head of Apple Music, is leaving Apple's music streaming platform for Spotify. Chery joined Apple when the tech giant acquired Beats By Dre and Beats Music in 2014.

The heated fight between Apple Music and Spotify is only at the beginning, as Spotify gave another serious blow to Apple's streaming service.

At Apple, Chery was best known for securing Apple Music exclusives from Chance the Rapper, including the Grammy-winning album Coloring Book. Similar to the Google Home, or Apple HomePod, such a device from Spotify is said to do basic tasks such as set timers, but most importantly will be able to play music through Spotify through voice recognition. Oliver Schusser took over as chief of Apple Music Worldwide.

On April 24, at an event in New York, Spotify could take a leap in its business structure with the announcement of its first physical product: a player designed for the auto.

Spotify hints that its April announcement has something to do with its mobile app.

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The company has also reportedly been developing some type of branded hardware.