Police are searching for Minnesota Killer

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Authorities believe Riess, who fled Minnesota after allegedly shooting and killing her husband, targeted Hutchinson because the two women looked alike, then stole her identity after killing her. Police say the same gun was used in both slayings.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office and the Dodge County Attorney are preparing second-degree murder charges against Riess for the murder of her husband, David.

The grandmother (and mother of three) is wanted in Florida for the murder and identity theft of a woman named Pamela Hutchinson in Fort Myers Beach on April 9. Investigators say Riess targeted Hutchinson due to their similar appearance, and allege that after shooting her Riess stole her victim's money, credit cards, identification and vehicle.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida has issued a warrant for Riess' arrest.

On April 5, a snippet of surveillance video taken at a happy hour on April 5 at the Smokin' Oyster Brewery in Fort Myers, shows Lois Riess talking to Hutchinson. Marceno said that Riess will run out of money, become more desperate and could possibly kill again. They say her current location is unknown. "It has been determined that Riess has left Florida and traveled through the Gulf States". Riess was spotted in Corpus Christi on Sunday.

On Tuesday, the US Marshals Service updated the Lois Riess case to a "Major Case".

Riess is considered armed and unsafe, so she should not be approached. He also said Riess has a "gambling problem" and "financial problems". Rose said U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have her information and the license plate number for Hutchinson's stolen Acura sedan. Riess has no criminal record, according to authorities.