PM greeted by Swedish PM Lofven on arrival at Stockholm airport

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"There's a realization among Nordic governments of the potential importance that India can play in the coming years", said Henrik Aspengren, a researcher at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, according to Bloomberg.

During this visit, United Kingdom would be welcomed to the International Solar Alliance as well.

Sweden has supported India's key "Make-in-India" manufacturing summit with Löfven leading a delegation of Swedish industry leaders to the launch of Make India in Mumbai in 2016. Education is another sector in which both sides are expected to forge deeper ties.

On bilateral economic relations, the Ambassador said that trade is growing on both sides "and quite impressively so".

On Tuesday, Modi will hold a bilateral summit with Lofven following which a number of agreements are expected to be signed. The India-Nordic Summit will be jointly organised by the two countries in Stockholm and will also be attended by Prime Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. The Nordic countries have globally recognised strengths in clean technologies, environmental solutions, ports modernisation, cold-chains, skill development and innovation.

The Indian PM's outreach to the Nordic countries ties in with his strategy of clean energy diplomacy which was on show during France's President Emmanuel Macron visit. He will also be holding bilateral talks with British PM Theresa May.

As per a Times of India report, the letter targeted PM Modi and his government.

Mr Modi and Ms May are scheduled to hold a bilateral summit on April 18.

MORE BUSINESS WITH INDIA Given India's preference for dealing with individual countries rather than the European Union as a whole, the summit is a golden opportunity for the Nordics - a region of 27 million people with an economy roughly the size of Canada's - to do business with India - the world's largest democracy.

"Then what will be very much a focal point is the technology partnership between the two countries", he said.

We had hoped that as someone sworn to upholding the Constitution, the Government that you head and the party to which you belong would wake up to this alarming decline, take the lead in stemming the rot and reassure everyone, especially the minorities and vulnerable sections of society that they need not fear for their life and liberty.

Both Countries have a lot to gain from each other. The PM expressed confidence that visits to Sweden and United Kingdom would help in enhancing India's engagement with these countries.

Stating that 14,000 Indian students go to Britain for masters degree programme every year, he added that "we want to build on that".