Korean Air suspends 'nut rage' sister from work over tantrum

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Korean Airlines on Monday announced that it had suspended one of its CEO's daughters from her marketing position after she reportedly threw water at an executive during a board meeting, which led to a police investigation.

According to local media reports, Ms. Cho, who is also known as Emily, lost her temper because she was unhappy with answers to her questions during the meeting in Seoul last month.

She is the younger sister of Cho Hyun-ah, or Heather, 43, who became infamous for a tantrum in 2014 over how she was served macadamia nuts in first class before taking off from NY.

Cho Hyun-min, a senior vice president at Korean Air Lines and a daughter of its chairman Cho Yang-ho, arrives at Incheon International Airport in Incheon, South Korea, in this still image from MBC exclusive news report footage obtained by Yonhap on April 15, 2018.

Seoul police, which earlier opened a preliminary inquiry to see if Cho had broken any laws, said Tuesday they were launching a formal probe based on testimony of the participants in the meeting.

Other reports about the family, already infamous for the 2014 "nut rage" incident, have started to appear online over the weekend.

She allegedly threw water into the man's face because she did not like one of the his responses.

She is facing pressure to step down and has apologised for her "foolish behaviour".

They say all the efforts of Korean Air's 20,000 employees "have collapsed with the sudden action of Cho Hyun-min".

But her apology has failed to placate many in South Korea, where hugely powerful family-run conglomerates have always been dogged by criticism of their founding families' brash behaviour. The recording, which Korean Air has not confirmed is authentic, features a furious woman, apparently Cho, verbally abusing an employee.

The labor unions of Korean Air issued a joint statement Sunday pressuring Cho to resign immediately and make a public apology.

It was also found that previously Cho illegally served as an executive for Korean Air's budget carrier, Jin Air, for six years.

The 2014 "nut rage" incident saw Cho Hyun-ah, then the firm's vice president, forcing two flight attendants to kneel and beg for forgiveness on a Seoul-bound flight from NY before ejecting one of them out of the plane before takeoff.

In her apology on her Facebook page, Cho did not give details of the incident and an airline spokesman said she had thrown a water bottle or a cup on the floor, not at anyone's face.