Jail time for man who punched police after being denied cigarette

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Police chased a stolen vehicle Sunday - at speeds that sometimes approached 100 miles per hour - from Warren through Lordstown, into North Jackson and through Weathersfield Township before abandoning pursuit for safety reasons.

Police say Bowe was ordered not to be on the property of Silver Lake Estates and also had an active no contact order with the victim.

The officer located the vehicle in question, a 2006 Honda, running in the lot and approached it, observing a male sleeping inside the vehicle, police said. Eventually, Muntean emerged from the vehicle and surrendered.

At the time of the District Attorney's Office report on that officer-involved shooting, prosecutors said Muntean had a prior criminal history dating back to 2008 that included burglary, possession of a risky weapon and grand theft vehicle. However, he was sentenced to four months in jail to be followed by deportation. Officers say they attempted to help Gutierrez but allegedly tried to hit officers with his SUV.

The woman was illegally occupying the quarter, the SDPO said.

Mr Macleod said: "I think this paints a picture of what policing is like in England and Wales at this time - policing is in crisis".

Officers took cover and ordered Muntean to stop, but he ran away and eluded officers during a perimeter search, police said.

Muntean was struck by the gunfire and taken to a trauma center where he remains in critical condition, Wyatt said.

The police initially said, after their arrest of justices Abdulla Saeed and Ali Hameed, that they had found 3.4 million in such an apartment.