How to file for an extension on your taxes

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But the 15th fell on a Sunday this year and the 16th was a holiday in Washington, D.C., which bumped back the deadline to the 17th.

CNBC reported that one of the operations that was out of order was the "Direct Pay" process, which lets Americans pay their taxes with funds in a checking or savings account.

Returns post-marked by midnight Tuesday will be considered on time - but, as Kadas noted, the vast majority of Montana filers do so electronically, rather than through the mail.

If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. The IRS anticipates receiving more than 11.6 million requests for extensions, pushing the income tax deadline out to October 15. "We are working to resolve this issue and taxpayers should continue to file their returns as they normally would".

Not facing the situation leaves the person with greater penalties (and usually, anxiety, sometime poor career/business/life decisions) just because they did not file a tax return on time.

Meaning, use your tax return as a learning experience and always be on the look out for thieves posing as the IRS who pressure you into sending them money.

The IRS's "failure to file penalty" generally costs about five-percent of your total tax bill.

For those people who failed to file their return for 2014, this is the last filing season you can still do so and get your refund if one is owed. The deadline to file is Tuesday, April 17.

Qualified taxpayers can choose to pay any taxes owed over time through an installment agreement. If you do not file an extension, the penalty for filing late is even higher at five percent per month. In fact, the average refund this year will top the $3,000 mark.

Online payments on are partially down.

These basic tips are created to help people avoid common errors that could delay refunds or cause future tax problems. And if your income is less than $60,000, you can file for free online.