Former Google employees form blockchain incubator and developer community

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Google said the reason for the release is due to the success of AIY Projects, which were launched past year to give makers the power to build AI into their projects with two do-it-yourself kits. With demands for blockchain-related jobs on a steady rise, legacy tech companies could be pitted against newcomers for coding talent-a portent that Xu's, Wang's, and Tian's departures from Google for their own successful crypto projects suggest is not too far from reality.

The partnership is a project between Google and CyArk, a non-profit organisation that sets out to digitally preserve the world's cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, human intervention or the passage of time. No, this isn't the start of the robot uprising.

The feature is not available to all Google Maps users at the moment, but we have reason to believe that Google is going to release it through official OTA (over the air) channels once it finishes the testing process. However, the previously released kits did not include some of the required parts such as the Raspberry Pi board.

How many of you here use Google Maps?

"The Voice Kit lets you build a voice-controlled speaker, while the Vision Kit lets you build a camera that learns to recognise people and objects", the firm added.

Two of the biggest fields in commercial AI are computer vision, and voice assistants, and the two kits fall into these two categories. Now users no longer need to download the software image and can get running faster. Vision contains (among other essentials) a Raspberry Pi, SD card and camera, while Voice contains the Pi and SD card, plus a speaker and microphone array.

The new AIY Voice Kit and Vision Kit will arrive at Target Stores and this month in the USA and will be available globally through retailers worldwide later in the year, Google said.

These Google AIY Projects are a nice initiative from the search giant to push communities to improve their STEM programs in schools.

The company announced that both kits are already available at Target retail and online stores and that it is working toward making them available across other retails stores around the world as soon as possible.