Day after audio leak, college teacher detained for 'luring' girl students

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And then there are those who don't even think twice before exhibiting a blatant disregard for this sacred relation to the point of becoming national news, as this professor from Tamil Nadu did. As the issue led to an outrage with the lecturer's remarks being perceived as suggestion of sexual favour, the Tamil Nadu government and opposition parties lashed out at her. Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar told reporters in Chennai that such "black sheep" can not be allowed and assured that the government will take action against her.

Chennai: The Aruppukottai Town police registered a case against Nirmala Devi, assistant professor with Mathematics department of Devanga Arts College for trying to lure her pupils into prostitution. The college is affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University.

The professor started with the assignment 12 years ago but today, she has a different version of the assignment and gives it only for extra credit to her students. Soon after, audio of the conversation was leaked to media. In the audio clipping, Nirmala Devi could be heard advising her pupils, over phone, about the opportunity awaiting them. She had been asked to given an explanation regarding her advice to the students, he added. The teacher assures that bank account would be opened in their names and the amount due for them would be deposited in it. "The higher official I am referring to is not the governor, the old man, but someone of that stature", she said.

Nirmala chose four students, who hail from the economically deprived sections, and urged them to have "sex" with senior management staff members at the "Varsity for which they would not only get 85% mark in their subjects but also huge money in cash. They have been troubling me for a long time".

College Secretary Ramasamy said a first round of inquiry had been completed by three professors of the college and they had submitted their report, based on which she had been suspended.

According to The Hindu, while the professor could not be contacted, she revealed to a news channel that her the whole conversation had been twisted by her students and extracting sexual favours from them was not her intention.