Cash In With These Tax Day Freebies, Discounts & Deals!

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Credit Karma Tax have revealed that of the 250,000 files on their platform, fewer than 100 people have reported their capital gains on cryptocurrency investments. For example, if you do not pay your tax bill, you'll face a 0.5% penalty of the unpaid amount. Expect to see the high by early afternoon, with cooler weather and a shift in winds by the time you are heading home from work.

Speaking a day before the personal income tax filing deadline, President Trump says "This is the last time you're going to fill out that long, complicated, frightful return". Most people can file for free online.

Another tax-related scam occurs when someone pretending to work for the IRS calls and threatens you with jail time, arrest or fines if you don't pay your "tax debts".

Even if you can't pay, still file.

The IRS Direct Pay system is not functioning on this last day of timely tax filing.

Americans waiting until the last minute to pay their federal taxes have a new problem on their hands: The IRS website is having technical difficulties. "It is a lot of times due to the review of a tax return letter the state is sending out and people are just ignoring it and throwing it away". Doing so will give you until October 15 your taxes, and you can find a link to request an extension through the IRS here.

If you are unsure of what to do or how to handle your financial situation, consult or request help from a qualified professional. More than 79.1 million refunds have been issued, averaging $2,864, or $13 more than a year ago.

No doubt, the future of IRS customer service will be heavily oriented to electronic filing - but also electronic communications.

As of April 6, the IRS had received 103.7 million individual tax returns, just slightly ahead of previous year.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: The day after Tax Day is the chain's Free Pizookie Day. Is your local post office open late for Tax Day?

As a candidate and since taking office, Trump has refused to release his tax returns, breaking decades of tradition by past presidents who released their personal taxes for transparency. They are secure and easy and taxpayers receive immediate confirmation when they submit their payment.