Watch Street Fighter 5's New DLC Character Falke Do Her Thing

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Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition will get its latest DLC character next week, Capcom has announced. With her ability to use Psycho Power and infuse objects with it, she's going to be a formidable fighter for sure. Falke, the third character coming to Season 3 of the game, is a brand new character to the Street Fighter series, and an alternative clone of supervillain M. Bison. Years of harsh training went by, causing Falke to spiral deep into despair, wishing for it all to end. Take a look at Falke's Battle Costume and Story Costume below!

As detailed in the blog today, Falke's special move that fires Psycho Power similar to a shotgun is performed by holding a single punch to charge, then releasing it.

Air (Psycho Feder) - Falke shoots a projectile at a diagonal angle downwards from the air. Capcom introduced Ed, the head of Neo Shadaloo, back in Season 2, and with Falke also being a member of the organization, it stands to reason why they share such a similarity.

With a Psycho Power-charged staff, Falke launches opponents into the air. Thanks to the gameplay video of her (below), she seems to be a range-based character who avoid projectiles while using certain moves. Her Psycho Kugel lets her release Psycho Power through Harmony while standing, as though it were a gun.

Furthermore, she plays very much like in Ed in the sense that she can unleash several of her special moves just by tapping two punch or kick buttons.

Falke extends one arm and spins her staff in front of her. This prone move, called Psycho Kanonen, can also be used to duck incoming projectiles, giving it both offensive and defensive applications.

In this three-block V-Trigger, Falke increases her ability to utilize her staff in various ways. If you press hard punch and hard kick during this, Psycho Sturm will be activated to deliver a sweeping staff attack that can be cancelled for combo extensions. Finally, pressing HP+HK in the air will cause Falke to use Psycho Jaeger, a stronger Psycho Feder that can ricochet off the ground.

The release is available to download as an upgrade for free in the Street Fighter V game.