Trailer: Hotel Artemis - Starring Jodie Foster

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The first trailer's arrived for the action thriller Hotel Artemis from screenwriter and first time feature film director Drew Pearce (writer of Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation). But those three are far from the film's only stars, because the rest of the loaded cast includes Dave Bautista, Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, and Sofia Boutella. Now, the owner of said vault is coming to collect, and they're not so hot on abiding by the rules that "Nurse" has put in place to maintain order in her hospital.

Despite the clientele, the trailer tells us Hotel Artemis has a few rules, which include: no fighting and killing other patients, no disrespect towards the staff, no weapons, and the strangely normal "No outside food and drink". Entitled Hotel Artemis, it's an action-thriller focussing on a members-only secret hospital in Los Angeles that caters towards criminals.

The film was written and directed by Drew Pearce. The film's characters seem equally offbeat, including Goldblum as a very Goldblum-y villain called The Wolf King and Bautista as Everest, a "health care professional" who's happy to beat the snot out of any disrespectful guests at the eponymous hospital.

The movie, which is produced by Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and The Ink Factory's Stephen Cornwell and Simon Cornwell, hits theaters June 8. But damn, if Hotel Artemis doesn't have a stellar cast.