Saudi king attacks Trump over Israel embassy move

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The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, on Sunday slammed Iran's "blatant interference" in regional affairs as Arab leaders met in the kingdom for an annual gathering.

"East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Palestinian territories", he asserted.

The stand-off between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt is also not expected to feature.

In the same way, he added, Iran expects regional countries not to make false allegations, show mutual respect, and not interfere in each other's affairs. The one-day summit, being held in Dhahran, comes amid a lot of things happening in the Middle East.

The summit ordered that collaboration efforts be accelerated in the economic, social and developmental fields, besides implementing the strategies to achieve sustainable development, the statement read.

Heads of States and dignitaries from Arab League participating countries started arriving on Saturday.

During the summit, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz criticized Tehran's influence on Arab countries, claiming that it violated the principles of worldwide law.

Earlier this month, the monarch reiterated the kingdom's "steadfast stance on the Palestinian issue and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital".

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said, "it is not just the issue of Arabs, but an issue of rightness against force".

The leaders will stress that East Jerusalem is the future capital of the Palestinian state, and condemn all Israeli unilateral measures and settlement activities.

He denounced the lack of resources at UNRWA, and using the Palestinian internal division as a pretext for keeping the status quo.

And despite being a stalwart ally of the United States, the ruler also criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and shift the U.S. embassy there.

"We've never seen the Arab world in such bad shape with leadership not able to cope with the challenges facing the Arab world, so much so that most of the points of contention that the Arab leaders don't agree to were not put on the agenda and the ones that they agreed to were put on the agenda", said Al Jazeera's Bishara. Saudi Arabia's king turned his attention with long-time foe Iran - only 160 kilometres (100 miles) across the Gulf from Dhahran.

Iran also openly supports the Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen in their war against the Saudi-backed government but denies accusations of smuggling arms to the insurgents.