Russian Federation nixes US-draft Security Council Syria resolution

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The Syrian envoy said the airstrikes were aimed at preventing the OPCW investigation of the alleged incident in Douma and rhetorically asked why the three Western powers did not provide any evidence to the OPCW ahead of their attack on Syria.

A Russian resolution that would have created a new expert body to determine responsibility for the chemical weapons attacks was also rejected.

"The United States and its allies continue to demonstrate blatant disregard for worldwide law", he said.

Donald Trump concluded his national security meeting on Syria without reaching a decision on the type of response his administration may take, the White House said. Russian Federation threatened to shoot down any USA missiles launched at targets in Syria.

U.S. military action similar to last year's would likely not cause a shift in the direction of the war that has gone Assad's way since 2015 with massive aid from Iran and Russian Federation. The UK, opposing of the draft, referred to it as a "distraction" that attempted to assert that "sovereign States were above worldwide law".

Anatoly Antonov, Russia's ambassador to the USA, said that "we are being threatened". And we have to know that we're taking every precaution necessary, should we take action.

In Damascus, "hundreds of residents began gathering in the landmark Omayyad square of the Syrian capital".

Any US strike is likely to involve naval assets, given the risk to aircraft from Russian and Syrian air defence systems. "Some clapped their hands and danced, other drove in convoys, honking their horns in defiance", The Associated Press reports.

"A perfectly executed strike last night".

Meanwhile, Western allies of the USA came out in support of the strikes.

HALEY: Assad's most recent use of poison gas against the people of Duma was not his first, second, third or even 49th use of chemical weapons.

"An aggression of a sovereign state was carried out, which is on the front line of the fight against terrorism", Nebenzia said. "It is not about regime change". According to a statement by Downing Street, the two leaders "agreed that the Assad regime had established a pattern of risky behaviour in relation to the use of chemical weapons".

In a statement later on Saturday morning in London, May said the United Kingdom was "confident of its success".

"While Russia was busy protecting the regime, Assad took notice", Haley said.

Despite the global revulsion over chemical weapons attacks, the death toll from such incidents in Syria is only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of combatants and civilians killed since the war began in 2011.

"There are multiple extremist groups, known to be equipped with a variety of anti-aircraft weapons, including radar-guided surface-to-air missiles and man-portable air defense systems, which have the capability to threaten civil aircraft", the FAA said in a statement.

"You do not want to hear the fact that no traces of a chemical attack were found in Douma", Nebenzia said. Instead, the USA has circulated it and now wants to negotiate with other Security Council members to pass it, a Security Council diplomat said. "I urge all Member States to show restraint in these risky circumstances and to avoid making any moves that could escalate the situation and worsen the suffering of the Syrian people".

The State Department says it doesn't know what chemical was used, but says it is confident Syria was responsible. Turkey is a USA ally despite considering certain Kurdish groups in the region to be terrorists while the US has backed those groups as a fighting force against ISIS.