Resignations of BJP ministers 'immediately accepted'

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BJP state chief Sat Sharma received the resignations of both the ministers on Sunday morning, who forwarded them to Mufti, who later, accepted the resignations and passed them on to the state governor for further action.

Madhav, largely credited for stitching together the ruling combine of the BJP and the PDP, denied that the two ministers had been asked to resign following pressure from its senior partner in the government. She said the more we delayed the resolution, the more complex and painful it would get. She has been named as co-accused for allegedly taking the 17-year-old girl to Sengar's house on the promise of a job.

For the BJP, victory is important not only because the party wants to snatch yet another state from the Congress, but also to deal a blow to the growing perception that Modi can be defeated in 2019.

Mir has defended his remarks saying he did not question the state police's probe into the matter. He wondered why the Congress President did not take any action against his party chief in Jammu and Kashmir for the same reason. The party with support of BSP which has 18 MLAs (after defection of Anil Singh) and 7 of Congress the second opposition candidate can sail through easily.

Bharadwaj also forewarned party leadership that such incidents, which had started surfacing of late, could derail their dreams of a win in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. "We will react only after a decision is taken in this regard by the BJP".

Chandrapal Yadav stressed on Yogi Adityanath's statement in Vidhan Sabha past year, when he asked police to kill all criminals. "Now there is a system. top officers, special forces and nearly everybody from top to bottom is on it", he reportedly says.

He asserted, "They have delivered objectively and professionally, the tasks that were handed over to them".

He also said that the CBI has a very bad track record in J&K. He asked, "What they did it in the case of the two girls from Shopian Asiya and Nelofar in 2009".

Sources say that CPM's Students Federation of India was apparently the brain behind the poster campaign. He added that "botched up investigations" into the Shopian case were the main reason behind the 2010 uprising in the Valley.