Newborn's Body Flushed Down Toilet At Kerala Clinic, Parents Missing

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In another shocking incident, a two-day-old newborn was flushed in a toilet of a Clinic in Kerala. On Friday, Dr Abdul Rahman, called plumbers in after his domestic help complained of muddy water and some obstruction in the toilet. The incident occurred at the house of a doctor couple who run a clinic from there.

According to the police, when the plumbers were trying to unblock the toilet, they noticed something which looked like a ball. When he started working further and tried to clear the jam he spotted head of a baby popping out from the main outlet pipeline. Moreover, the baby whose placenta was still attached was stuck inside the duct of the toilet.

Early reports had suggested that her parents might have brought the infant on the pretext of a check-up and then flushed her down the toilet. On the basis of Dr Rehman's complaint, the police have registered a case of unnatural death. "Investigations are underway. We are analysing the records, but we haven't been able to identify her parents yet", police sources told NDTV.

'There wasn't much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet. It has also been speculated that the mother might have delivered the baby inside the washroom as the placenta was yet intact.

The records of all the patients, who visited the clinic recently, are being checked. Abdul Rehman immediately informed the local police which rushed to the spot and recovered the body. They were left shocked after discovering that it was the body of an infant.