Miami Marlins vs. New York Yankees, 4/16/2018 Prediction & Odds

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He eventually OK'd a deal to the Yankees just before December's winter meetings, during which he discussed his irritation with how Miami team hierarchy, including Jeter, the new CEO, handled things leading up to the trade. "I think it's your natural instinct when you move in somewhere to try to get it set up as quickly possible".

But the Marlins' new chief executive officer vowed to continue counting only tickets sold when reporting attendance numbers.

Jeter is not happy with the low attendance numbers.

Why travel to NY, but not go to the games? "And reporting paid attendance as the number of tickets sold is the way we're going to report it".

"One of the qualities of running a first-class organization is honesty", Jeter said.

The Miami Marlins opened a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday night at Marlins Park. You play those games in the middle of the season, they may not stand out as much as they do at the beginning.

"After the first homestand, our turnstile numbers were higher this year than they were last year", Jeter said. It will be the Marlins' lone scheduled regular-season trip to the Stadium this year.

While many Yankees fans will lament the fact that their team's former captain will not be attending that series, Jeter has his own attendance issues to deal with - as in the Marlins' fan attendance and lack there of at Marlins Park.

"Our number one priority is how we can increase the attendance in this market", Jeter said. It's going to be a while before Jeter gets them to a competitive level again. We have to win some more games. But I think that's every sports town. "We're going to help grow the game of baseball here in South Florida". "You put a winning product on the field and people come".

Stanton said it would not be uncomfortable seeing Jeter now. We're developing a winning culture here.

"But like I said, I like the approach".

Quotable: "I mean, I don't think there's any insane bad blood beside what (the media) stirred up", Stanton said.

He'll be in NY this week, his Miami Marlins are scheduled to play interleague games against the Yankees on Monday and Tuesday nights and he's.

But Jeter talked to reporters Friday before the Marlins' game against the Pirates and said he won't be going to up to the Bronx, per's Joe Frisaro. No one is happy with the results. That's why I'm not going.