Man faces 29 charges of sexual assault on daughter in Kildare court

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Kordek allegedly placed her into his auto and tried to sexually assault her.

A third party reporting system will allow victims to report a sexual assault offense to a partnership agency in the community that will pass the information on to police, without naming the victim.

Edinburg Police suspect more victims exist after a local pastor is charged with ggravated sexual assault and practicing medicine without a license.

"The reports will be disseminated within the WPS for informational purposes, and will be entered into the VICLAS system which is a national database created to track violent offenders".

Police said they were called to a domestic dispute around 7:20 a.m. after Dawes entered a residence, grabbed a woman by the neck and tried to strangle her. Police said he retreated into the residence and refused commands to exit.

"Of course we have the ability to see if other assaults have taken place that are similar", said Smyth.

A case regarding this was registered at the Shankaranarayana police station.

She said third party reporting is firstly an important tool for survivors and secondly a tool for law enforcement.

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: "At approximately 1.55am on Sunday 15th April, we received a report that a man was being verbally and physically aggressive towards paramedics on Hanbury Road in Bargoed".