Javier Baez Upset Over Comments Clint Hurdle Made

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Baez said he chatted with Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli about the incident during the course of Thursday's game, but said the veteran backstop went about it "in a great way" and the two players wound up joking with each other about Baez's at-bats. "The guy hits four homers in two days, so that means you can take your bat and throw it 15-20 feet in the air when you pop up like you should have hit your fifth home run?" Hurdle said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I'm just going to keep playing my game.

Hurdle ended his comments by saying that someone on the Cubs likely spoke to Baez about what he did.

"If anybody's got negative stuff to [say to] me, they can save it". However it gets to me, I learn from it, learn from that bat-flip last night. People that talk about me, can save it. That's all I gotta say. After I hit that (popup) I was mad about it.

"I was kind of surprised by it. Whenever you want to be hyper-critical of somebody, just understand: You're pretty much revealing yourself, and what your beliefs are, more than you're being critical or evaluating somebody, because you have not spent a second in that person's skin".

Javy Baez is anything but shy, so when Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle called him and Chicago Cubs teammate Willson Contreras out after Wednesday's game, it was only a matter of time before he responded. Last year was a player talking about my gamestyle and now this year, it's a manager.

Baez, who had hit three home runs the first two games of the series, flipped his bat in the air in the seventh inning when he hit a pop fly to Jordy Mercer at shortstop, and Contreras argued a called third strike in the sixth inning.

Hurdle did not only criticize Baez.

Baez said that any apologies that he makes are to his teammates and his manager, not to another team. We're playing against them. He believes that Hurdle may have been upset since the Cubs had just defeated them on Wednesday 13-5. I'm happy. There's music in the clubhouse.

"We lost the series, but we're still the same".

Baez seemingly held back saying more, and insisted - just as he did a year ago - he wouldn't change his style. "People that talk about me can save it".