Haley Warns US, Allies 'Locked and Loaded' to Strike Syria Again

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French President Emmanuel Macron said he had persuaded Trump to commit long-term to Syria. He added that Syria's air defenses were ineffective and that numerous more than 40 surface-to-air missiles fired by the Syrians were launched after the allied attack was over. Inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog group were in Damascus and had been expected to head to Douma on Saturday. He took to Twitter again on Sunday to address the backlash but remained unapologetic.

Sanders and Haley both said the administration has three goals: to defeat the Islamic State terrorist organization; to contain Iran; and to stop the spread and use of chemical weapons.

In a statement on Saturday, he reiterated the Russian view that an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma that killed dozens of civilians was fake: "Russian military experts, having visited the place of the alleged incident, did not find any traces of the use of chlorine or other poisonous substances".

"We have seen as a pattern in the world today is actors who behave in a reprehensible manner, then can be quite clever in trying to muddy the waters and in trying to dodge responsibility", she added. Despite Friday night's small scale use of force, Mercho fears what might happen if the Assad government were to fall.

The US is set to impose more economic sanctions on Russian Federation for its support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, as the political fallout over the Syrian missile strike continues.

Most of the 2018 Democrats are demanding that Trump come to Congress before striking to Syria again.

"Trudeau is not acting because the Canadian public doesn't know what is happening in Syria", she said.

"President Trump's decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government without Congress's approval is illegal and - absent a broader strategy - it's reckless", Kaine said.

The president responded to the outrage early on Sunday morning. "This week, he is opening a new military front".

"More bombings and the continued presence of 2,000 US troops in northeast Syria. would undoubtedly prolong the war and the suffering of Syria's people", Glass told USA TODAY.

Former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen tweeted that Trump's action was "justified".

"When it comes to this use of chemical weapons, it is clear to Canada that chemical weapons were used and that they were used by the Assad regime", Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Friday. "Godspeed to our military", he wrote. "No local resident confirmed the chemical attack".

Haley said that the USA would not pull its troops out of Syria until its goals were accomplished. "Particularly during these fraught times, I'm thinking of our servicemembers both at home and overseas", she wrote.

In a statement, Ohio Sen.

Meanwhile, the leader of Britain's opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, described Saturday's strike as a "legally questionable attack".

Senior Russian military officials said on Saturday that Syria's air defenses, which are mostly made up of Soviet-era systems, had shot down 71 of the Western missiles. The United States and its allies "were not going to let that stand", she said, adding that Mr. Trump had told her that the United States was "locked and loaded" and ready to strike again should Syria use banned weapons again. Dean Heller, said the "forceful and targeted response sends a powerful signal, and now the administration must work with Congress to develop a coherent and effective long-term plan to put an end to the conflict in Syria".