Eurovision victor Conchita reveals HIV diagnosis

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The former Eurovision victor, real name Tom Neuwirth, spoke for the first time on Monday about their HIV status in an emotional German-language Instagram post.

The Austrian transvestite and singer, known as the "bearded lady", made the shock announcement on social media.

Wurst, real name Thomas Neuwirth, also explained that her treatment had suppressed the virus so that it could no longer be detected in her blood - and that she was no longer at risk of transmitting the virus.

Austrian bearded drag queen and Eurovision victor Conchita Wurst has announced in an Instagram post that she is HIV positive, saying she is being blackmailed by a former boyfriend.

The drag queen claimed she had to break her news after an ex-boyfriend - who she hasn't named -Â threatened to tell the media about her condition. "In the future, I don't want to give anyone the right to cause me pain and influence my life in that way". She also wanted her loved ones to avoid the unwarranted stigma of having a relative with HIV, but said they have supported her "unconditionally since day one".

She said: "By sharing this I freed myself from the sword of Damocles for the rest of my life".

"I have been HIV-positive for several years", Conchita wrote (translated from German).

She added: "Since I received the diagnosis, I have been receiving treatment, and have been undetectable for many years, so I am not able to pass on the virus..."

"I would have gladly spared you the attention of the HIV status of your son, grandson and brother".

Wurst said that she did not go public with the information because it is only relevant to those she has sexual contact with. Coming out on one's own is better than being outed by someone else.

"I hope to give others courage and to take another step against the stigmatization of people who, through their own behaviour or that of others, have become infected with HIV", the singer declared.

"'The decision to talk openly about your HIV status should be a personal one and not taken away or ever, ever used as a threat", he said.

She thanked fans for their support, and said she feels "stronger, more motivated and liberated than ever".

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