We Have No Doubts That Buhari Will Lose In 2019 - ADP

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"Since Monday, President Buhari has been holidaying in London and has been unable to discharge the functions of his office, in total disregard to the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution, disdain to Nigerians and flagrant abuse of his presidential office".

"Before now, we have listened to comments from both the sides of those who want the President to re-contest and those who do not". This was partially a function of the reliance on oil that saw us abandon the historical revenue collection systems and switch to a culture of sharing resources, rather than generating them.

Whiling reeling out his achievements since he took over the mantle of leadership to his guest, whom he had built a deep friendship in recent times, especially in agriculture, he said that Nigerians with what he had done should be able to feed themselves.

He also defended his record, saying his administration had cut "the importation of rice by about 90%, saving billions of dollars in the process".

President Buhari blamed the recent herders crisis on the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who he said trained and armed them. Even professionals have gone back to the land. Ardo made the call while interacting with newsmen in Abuja yesterday, saying "Nigerians should come out en-masse to support our hero to enable him wipe out corruption in the country".

According to him, no true religion advocates the hurting or killing of the innocent.

On the war against insurgency, President Buhari said their is the need for continuous education of the people.

Although things are not really working the way we expected but with the foundation the president has put in place in the last 3 years, his reelection will consolidate the gain.

In the statement released on Wednesday, he said.

The house of representatives has said it is yet to receive any information from President Muhammadu Buhari concerning the $1 billion for procurement of security equipment.