Comic legend Stan Lee sues ex-manager

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As People reports, the 95-year-old creator of such characters as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four is suing ex-manager Jerardo Olivarez.

It is also alleged that Olivarez used "subterfuge" to purchase an $850,000 West Hollywood property with Lee's funds, stole cash and jewelry, modified wills and estate documents, forged signatures on comic books to then sell them, and made unauthorised credit card purchases. The charity's website claimed that this was with Lee's "full support", which Lee has since insisted is false.

On Friday of this week, following the publication of the story, a complaint was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, singling out Jerry Olivarez and accusing him of conversion, fraud, financial abuse of an elder and misappropriation of Lee's name and likeness. "What is more, almost $1.4 million disappeared from Lee's accounts through a series of complicated wire transfers all initiated and ultimately received by Olivarez". Olivarez is also accused of stealing Lee's blood in order to stamp it on comic books. Olivarez has yet to respond.

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"Mr. Lee told me I had given him a new lease on life after Mrs". Lee's passing. I had looked out for him during recent contract negotiations with "Pow!". [Entertainment, Lee's production company]. In another scheme, Olivarez allegedly persuaded Lee to loan more than $300,000 to Hands of Respect, a fake non-profit charity ostensibly set up to promote racial harmony. "He gave me a check as a thank you".

The legal documents also claim that Olivarez had a nurse inject Lee with a needle to extract his blood, which was reportedly later sold in Las Vegas as some type of "collectible". According to THR, the suit accuses Jerardo Olivarez of committing "conversion, fraud, financial abuse of an elder and misappropriation of his name and likeness" against Lee through a variety of perturbing, and occasionally weird, schemes.