Sam Fisher has a nice little Easter Egg in Wildlands

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In the recently released Splinter Cell mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft actually brought in Michael Ironside to reprise his role as Sam Fisher.

It turns out that it's not just Metal Gear Solid fans who mourn the - relative - death of the classic stealth franchise. He even takes a moment to contemplate that fact before the scene continues.

"Yeah, a few. I've heard they don't make them like me anymore", Fisher says around the 4:17 mark of the video above. There was this other guy, though. When the associate informs Fisher that the operative in question has supposedly retired, Fisher verbalizes his sudden realization that "It's only me". And for now, it seems that Snake is indeed in retirement, with Kojima departing Konami in 2015, leaving the future of Metal Gear Solid uncertain.

Though this nice bit of banter was unexpected, this is actually not the first time the two games joked about or referenced one another. His name isn't explicitly stated, but it seems like a clear reference to Big Boss/Solid Snake, the protagonists of the Metal Gear series.

Finally, there's the tragic subtext of Fisher's statement.

Of course, Fisher still needs to appear in a game of his own in order to retain that status.