CT double slaying linked to baby death

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North Carolina authorities said that she contacted police for the welfare check Thursday, the morning after Pladl picked up his son from her care.

It ended hundreds of miles away with the revelation that the father was suspected in the killing of two others before he took his own life in NY.

Steven Pladl, the 42-year-old suspected gunman, pulled up alongside his biological daughter and her adoptive father at the intersection of routes 7 and 55 in New Milford just before 9 a.m. Thursday.

Dover, N.Y. The suspect in a double homicide in CT was found dead Thursday in a minivan parked and running on an Eastern Dutchess County roadside, state police said.

While Knightdale police revealed the series of events Thursday, missing was the spark that set it off.

"The child, Bennett Pladl, was in the custody of Steven's mother".

"It is our understanding that Mr. Pladl drove to that area for the specific objective of making some confrontation", says Knightdale, North Carolina, Police Chief Lawrence Capps.

The man suspected in a trio of interstate incest-linked homicides Thursday had called his victims in Wingdale, New York, before driving 600 miles up from North Carolina to ambush and kill two of them, police say.

Reached midday Thursday, a dispatcher at the New Milford, Conn., police station would say only that police were investigating "an active crime scene" on U.S. Route 55 in Gaylordsville, about nine miles east of Dover.

The vehicle was spotted on Dog Tail Corners Road, east of Berkshire Road in the Town of Dover, by an officer from Dutchess County Probation. The suspect, who North Carolina police identified as Steven Pladl, was inside the vehicle, which was parked on the shoulder with the engine running.

Katie Rose Pladl, according to the news reports, was adopted at an early age by a family in Dutchess County. Katie, an artist, said in her online portfolio that she planned to attend Dutchess Community College in August 2016 and focus in online advertising. According to Lieutenant Larry Ash, spokesperson for New Milford Police, they found the murder suspect with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As part of the bond requirements, Friedman said, the father and daughter were not supposed to communicate with one another.

Fusco and Katie Pladl were at their home in Waynedale, New York.

Steven Pladl had been released on bond in February with the condition to stay away from Katie. Eighteen years later, Katie located her biological parents - who lived in the West End of Henrico County, Virginia.

In July, Katie posted a photo on her Instagram account, with the hashtags #justmarried and #simplewedding.

"I too have seen postings that they were married, my guess would be that it would not be legal under North Carolina or Virginia law for two people who are biologically related to get married", Friedman said.

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Those news reports also said she moved to Knightsdale, where she eventually became involved in a relationship with her father.