Apple started trial production of iPhone 6s Plus in Bengaluru

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Recent Counterpoint research revealed that the iPhone 6 series contributes to nearly one-third of total sales of iPhones in India in 2017, as compared to less than 15 percent generated from iPhone SE, the only Apple smartphone model to be locally assembled in the Wistron plant till now.

According to The Economic Times, "Apple has begun trial production of iPhone 6s Plus - one of its highest selling models in India - at the Bengaluru facility of its contract manufacturer Wistron". To that end, the iPhone SE - Apple's only iPhone with a 4-inch screen - is already manufactured in Indian factories, providing the government with the jobs it seeks while diminishing taxes on that model.

Apparently, it is believed that the locally produced iPhone 6s Plus can bring down prices of the phone by five to seven percent.

Though Apple has chose to assemble iPhone 6s in India, there are no plans for the company to start building their new devices in India anytime soon.

This will make iPhone 6s Plus more competitive alongside devices from the likes of Samsung and OnePlus, which are popular in India as a result of their more affordable price tag. Apple's goal is to meet government requirements necessary to reduce the price of iPhones within India. With the smartphone being locally assembled, the report claims that buyers can expect the prices to drop by about 5-7 percent, but that will only come in effect once the plant increases its production capacity. The Indian government announced a 10 percent customs duty on circuit boards, camera modules, connectors, and other parts. Apple has been slowly adapting to these changes over the past few months, expanding local sourcing to 2 more partners namely Salcomp for chargers and adapters and Shenzhen YUTO for packaging.