Apple Stores Are Overwhelmed By Numerous iPhone Battery Replacement Requests

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In other words, those who want the best Apple has to offer - which is to say an edgeless OLED display - will still be paying a premium. The fact is that Apple executives are set to release a new iPhone, however, does not focus on the improvement of the software. The new update is targeting the microchip which powers the display.

Apple Stores are overwhelmed by the huge number of iPhone battery replacement requests. Unless they are an authorized-by-Apple fix provider, however, they can only obtain "after-market" parts, not parts directly from the iPhone manufacturer. But this is not the first time a software update from Apple has caused serious problems for those opting to fix their broken smartphones at third-party shops rather than sending them to the manufacturer.

According to the report by Steven Milunovich of UBS, Apple may be juggling with two pricing strategies for the next generation of iPhone.

Milunovich believes that Apple has three-point agenda behind the new strategy that defines the price of iPhones scheduled for the launch in late 2018.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are a new generation of iPhone featuring a glass and aluminum design made with the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, Retina HD display, A11 Bionic chip and are designed for the ultimate augmented reality experience. In addition, updates on the iPhone has also began to go much less than it was previously.

As a reminder, the iPhone 5s can be upgraded to iOS 11, even though it is categorized as an ancient smartphone. The move addressed criticism over how it handled performance throttling on iPhones with older batteries as a solution to unexpected shutdowns, but weeks-long wait times have proved problematic across most Apple Stores.

The Third Model will have LED screen technology of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with improved 6.1 inch screen.