Uber Acquires Cycle-Sharing Startup JUMP Bikes

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Oh, and without fossil fuels... Even the Jump Bikes branding will remain after the purchase. The response from riders and the adoption of JUMP's neon red e-bikes have been incredible.

E-bikes seem likely to become a much more common sight on city streets.

In February, everybody's favourite it's-not-a-taxi provider tied up with San Francisco's JUMP so users of its apps could rent battery-powered bikes without the need for a separate sign-on.

In San Francisco, Uber itself is contributing to traffic woes.

Go farther. Get there faster. With Uber's nearly ubiquitous app, the transaction cost of getting an ebike will be lubricated.

What this means is that Uber users in Singapore can continue using its services until April 15.

It is a sunny day, why not give it a try? The bike-sharing company, launched as Social Bicycles in 2011, runs GPS-enabled programs in twelve cities all over the world, including Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona. Jump's team will stay "independent and focused on growth vs. integration", with CEO Ryan Rzepecki reporting directly to Khosrowshahi, Uber's CEO told his company in an email this morning (April 9).

Those years of work and product design produced a nice-looking electric pedal-assist bike, sure. That's also true for getting to a destination a auto can't take you conveniently or affordably. JUMP bikes are an evolution of bike sharing that bridges the gap between cars and bikes.

Both Uber and JUMP say the goal is to offer multiple modes of transportation within the Uber app, to give users access to fast and affordable transportation and make it easier to live without owning a auto.

Even as Uber is backing away from some global markets, the Jump acquisition shows the company is still willing to invest in new ways to reach customers. Biking is always a better experience to driving when it isn't cold or wet.

That's because Uber today announced an agreement to buy New York-based JUMP Bikes, an ebike-sharing startup.

Fewer people are driving public transportation in the United States of America, as stated by research, even since commuters shift to ride-hailing solutions such as Uber and Lyft. Together with Uber, I firmly believe we can make a more significant impact on the world and shift millions of trips from cars to bikes. For one, Jump Bike is already integrated into the ride-hail service, thanks to a two month-old pilot that allows San Francisco Uber customers to reserve electric bicycles from inside the Uber app.

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, said the move would help Uber in decreasing congestion. Around 500 employees would start working on the Grab front and many other employees would be retained with Uber to handle their Asia- Pacific operations without laying off any employees from the new merger.