You Can Now Connect to All Bluetooth Speakers With Google Home

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So, when can you get your multi-room Google house party underway? However, do bear in mind that you won't be able to issue a voice command to companion Bluetooth speakers and have to go back to your Google Home for that. On its own, the Home Mini might not be loud enough. Best of all, multiple speakers can be paired together, similar to audio groups with Chromecasts, allowing you to create that flawless multi-room, audio-effect you were looking for.

But Google announced a new workaround today that can help your high-end audio experience dreams come true. While the Google Home and especially the Google Home Max offer superior audio capabilities, the Mini was created to be a cheap entryway into the smart home world, not as a high-end way to listen to tunes. Connect a Bluetooth speaker and suddenly you have better audio quality.

You don't even have to specify the speaker: By making it the default audio projector, just use the Home-standard "Hey Google" prompt and voice-command away.

What is Google Assistant? This effectively enables multi-room audio without needing a Home device or Chromecast in each space.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker can be done in the Google Home app in the device settings section.

Google Home devices have a feature that allows them to connect with each other and play audio in sync.

Amazon is selling a splashproof Dreamix portable Bluetooth speaker for 40 percent off its usual price.

. Tell Google Assistant to play music to house speakers, and you'll hear the same song playing from each connected unit.