Syfy's Sharknado Movie Franchise to End With Time Travel-Themed Finale

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Contextually, by the time of 2017's Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, the eponymous apex predator-pulsating weather phenomenon absurdly evolved to a level that destroyed most of the world, sending main characters Fin (Ian Ziering), April (Tara Reid) and Nova (Cassandra Scerbo) around the world to combat the insatiable storms.

With that in mind, TV Line reports that Syfy will end the Sharknado series with this summer's sixth installment, now titled just Sharknado 6.

All good things must come to an end as it's learned Sharknado 6 will be the last movie in the franchise.

The cult classic Syfy films have ben captivating audiences since 2013, when the original "Sharknado" debuted, drawing a massive social media response and resulting in four sequels that attracted millions of viewers. Ratings-wise, the franchise peaked with Sharknado 2: The Second One, which drew a series-best 3.9 million total viewers. Sharks and tornados merge into what can only be called Sharknado. The final chapter in the battle against the sharks was greenlit by the cable network and will feature time travel. Anthony C. Ferrante, who directed the first five films, will helm the final installment. As usual, fans should also expect a myriad of celebrity cameos.

The upcoming and as-yet-untitled Sharknado 6 will be the last one in the Syfy franchise, according to TVLine. Sharknado 6, which now does not have a title with a groaningly unbelievable pun, is set to invade your living room this summer.