Snapchat launches 'Connected Apps' feature to help users control third-party apps

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The page doesn't show anything except text that reads, "These apps are connected to your Snapchat account". The beta version of the app shows a tab for "Connected App", the feature which allows a user to log in to third-party or partner services with the social media account. "Choose an app to control what it has access to".

The latest Snapchat beta version features a new tab called "Connected Apps" within the Settings page. The Snapchat app now allows Bitmoji app to access Snapchat accounts owing to the fact that it owns the app.

Additionally, Snap also has a partnership with Shazam, which allows users to identify music and send music discoveries as snaps to friends.

This update could help Snapchat become its own app ecosystem, not unlike Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The screens of these networking sites allow people to control the third-party access. Custom face lenses is another feature that needs mentioning to the innovative Snapchat feature list.

Amid speculations about how much data Snap would let third parties access, a Snap spokesperson told Engadget that the company doesn't share user-identifiable information with advertisers.

After Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, the social media platform has been in full damage control mode.